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Founded in New Zealand, The Baby Essentials Limited was launched with a mission to provide affordable baby nappy for Kiwi parents while no compromising with the quality.

Baby Essentials Ltd provides safe and quality baby diapers with super quick absorption power. Our diapers are passionately made to keep kiwi infants, toddlers, walkers and junior babies comfy and dry with care and essential safety standard in practice.

Each piece of nappies has been created with a perfect combination of Quality, Affordability, and Safety. That is why parents all over New Zealand are united through our diapers’ values and style.

Unique Values

in Our Nappies

Our nappies are designed and carefully crafted to fit kiwi babies through the growth stages allow them stay comfortable and dry as they grow. With the unique combination of Quality, Affordability, and Safety, the values in a piece of diaper can be listed as follows:

  • Super quick absorption
  • Powerful rewet and leakage prevention
  • Comfortable and safe for Kiwi babies
  • Soft breathable cover enables fresh air circulating throughout the nappy to dry it super fast and prevent diaper rash
  • Water-proof leg cuffs barriers to prevent side leakage
  • A grade quality
  • Most affordable price